Below are the basic questions that you address to me about Zanzibar:

  1. Weather in Zanzibar
    The weather is very stable in Zanzibar. The air temperature ranges from 27 to 32 degrees. Water temperature from 26 to 32 degrees. The only period that causes us to be inconvenienced is the date from April 15 to May 15. This is the period of the rainy season. During this period, rain may fall. Sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, sometimes not at all. The last two years show that the rainy season is less and less rainy. It was a few days and so much rain left.
  2. Visas
    A visa to Zanzibar is valid for 90 days and can be purchased at the airport at the entrance to the airport. The cost of the visa is USD 50 per passport. The possibility of purchasing a visa via the Internet was also introduced. We carry out the entire procedure via the internet, print receipts and collect visas at the airport. The following link to
  3. Currency
    Zanzibar currency is Tanzanian shilling (TZS) 1 USD (US dollar) = approx. 2250 (TZS) At Zanzibar, exchange currency in many exchange offices, banks and selected stores. USD you pay in all places. In Zanzibar, the USD produced by 2007 is bought at a lower rate or it is difficult. You exchange such USD according to a reasonable rate in the exchange office in the airport parking lot.
  4. ATMs
    ATMs can be found in the capital city of Stone Town and Paje.
  5. Card payments
    Card payments Are not popular in stores, in hotel facilities differently. In our Pili Pili facilities, we accept payments in cash, by card, by transfer, vouchers.
  6. Alcohol and alcohol purchase in Zanzibar
    There are two alcohol stores in Zanzibar. One store is in Stone Town and the other in Paje.
  7. Prices on Zanzibar
    It should be assumed that the price on Zanzibar is the same as in Poland.
  8. Vouchers
    Vouchers in Pila Pili are like bills, they have a face value of USD 90 and you can pay them with us for a stay including an advance payment for a stay, a bar and a restaurant, and tours in Polish. Their purchase takes place in Poland, via email: They are purchased for pieces at a price of 80 USD per item, or in packages of 10 pieces worth 900 USD for the price of 700 USD. They are also an excellent opportunity to set aside money for a trip if we do not have the means for a one-time payment for the stay and the plane. We can gradually collect the Voucher after the Voucher to reach your dream destination … Vouchers do not have validity dates. They have individual numbers, and in the event of their destruction or loss (if not used) we will issue duplicates. Vouchers are also a great idea for a gift because of their high print quality.
  9. What to bring to Zanzibar
    – sunglasses
    – shoes for the ocean
    – creams with a filter
    – headgear
    – swimwear
    – slippers
    – sports shoes
    – light airy clothing, nothing for cold evenings (there are no such)
  10. Vaccinations
    In Zanzibar there are no diseases requiring vaccination, etc. Malaria as such does not occur, therefore there is no need for prophylactic dosing of malaria medications, etc. The only vaccination currently required is yellow fever vaccination, which is required if we fly through high-risk countries (Kenya , Ethiopia) and if our stay is longer than usually accepted 4h then on arrival from these countries in Zanzibar ask us to show the so-called yellow book with a documented vaccination against yellow fever.
    If, our stay is associated only with the transfer, we do not leave the airport, there is no need for vaccination.
    Zanzibar makes sure that no one brought this disease from the countries of risk to the island.
    As for malaria, it occurs in Tanzania terrestrial, especially in the regions where the safari takes place (Arusha and its surroundings).
  11. Language on Zanzibar
    Swahili and English
  12. Transfer
    We provide transfer from the airport to the place of stay. The price depends on the number of people, 1 to 4 – 40 USD for the course, 5 to 7 – 50 USD for the course, 8-12 – 60 USD for the course.

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