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👉 Write to us to make a booking in one of our 3 hotels by the Zanzibar beach. We’ll ask you to cover 20% of the reservation cost , and your picked room and date will wait for you ! Easy ❤️

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Posted from PiliPili Zanzibar Sunday, 2th of October 2022

Your reviews !

We are so happy to have such wonderful guests ! ❤️


pleasant staff and attentive to the varied menus and themes almost every night, go there without hesitation, their eyes closed

Mokhtar, fr


Location is excellent, facing the beach but with its pool-facing sun loungers area delimited. The service of the hotel staff is unbeatable, very close and friendly, they do everything possible. The meals and dinners are very good, they change with menus from the area and almost always the dinners are accompanied by a show, very recommended! 100% we will recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Zanzibar and Jambiani beach because for me it is the best on the island.

Daniel, es


ideal location opposite beautiful Jambiani beach - the staff is at the top: nice and caring! the rooms are tastefully decorated and the food is good! great stay there!

Sabine, fr


TheWarm welcome, the team to care, always smiling and always available. The proximity to the beach is a big plus! big up for Ernesto!

Fouzi, fr


The place is exceptional. The bungalows feet in the sand, facing the sea, are beautifully decorated in an authentic style. The breakfast is delicious. A huge treat for the team, who are extremely warm, caring and completely fun. We had a unique experience!

Andjy, fr


The most gentle, kind and efficient people of the world! Miss them:)

Luiza, cd


All was great, breakfast, people working there. Beach very nice and close from the house. I highly recommend lovely people and very good breakfasts. Plaza close and very nice.

Przemek, gb


Amazing hotel on the sea front. Lovely sunrise and sunrise. From the room you can see the whole beach in front. Very close to a village with local food and good places if you like to mingle with local life

GonzaloPI_23, es


Wonderful staff, the best! Sweet people making you feel at home. Nice food. Good entertainment program. And so close to the ocean 🥰

Anges and Nathalie, be


Friendly staff, very helpful, located on the beach. Also the food was good with daily choice between some menus. And the beer was cold!

Jan Ghys, be


nicely furnished, great staff, evening events (BBQ, live music, party). Always good music. There was also a drinking water dispenser.

Kevin, de


See the answers to your most common questions!

Zanzibar weather, when to go to Zanzibar?

The weather in Zanzibar is very stable and therefore Zanzibar can be visited all year round. The air temperature ranges from 27 to 32 degrees. Water temperature from 26 to 32 degrees. The only period that may cause us inconvenience is from April 15th to May 15th. This is the rainy season. It may rain during this period. Sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, sometimes not at all. The last two years show that the rainy season is less and less rainy. It was raining for a few days and that was all that was left of the rain. During the rest of the day, plenty of sunshine awaits you on the island. Even at night, the temperature does not drop below 25 degrees.

There are no hurricane seasons, nor any other regular weather hazards.


The Zanzibar visa has a validity of 90 days and can be purchased at the airport when entering the airport. The entire procedure takes a few minutes and is completely stress-free. It is enough to write out the form  available immediately after arrival at the airport and come to the window in the arrivals hall with a passport valid for at least 6 months.

The cost of the visa is $ 50 per person. The payment is possible in cash and by credit cards.

Zanzibar with a child

Children of all ages are welcome on the island. There are no contraindications for a visit to Zanzibar for the youngest.

Hotels are prepared to welcome children and equipped with cots, restaurants offer dishes for children and highchairs to help children eat meals.

Disposable diapers and baby care products can be purchased in nearby stores.

Currency, ATMs, card payments

In Zanzibar, the currency is Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) 1 USD (US dollar) = approx. 2,300 (TZS). The currency can be exchanged at exchange offices, banks and selected stores. You can pay with dollars in most tourist places by. similar conversion factor.

Important: it is very difficult or even impossible to exchange US dollars produced before 2009.

You can easily withdraw funds from an ATM. ATMs are located in the capital and in popular tourist cities. They withdraw cash in Tanzanian shillings. A fixed commission of 10,000 to 20,000 TZS is charged on withdrawals depending on the banking operator.

The ATMs at the roundabout and gas stations in Paje are closest to the PiliPili facilities.

Card payments are not possible at stalls, markets and smaller shops. Larger facilities, hotels and selected attractions allow payment by card with an additional commission (approx. 5%).


Internet in PiliPili hotels and on the island

All hotels have public WIFI and access to high-speed satellite Internet. You can easily use e-mail, social media or communication platforms such as Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Internet coverage is common on the island, access can be obtained by renting a portable router at the reception (50 USD refundable deposit) or by purchasing a local SIM card from one of the operators (eg Zantel).

What to bring to Zanzibar? What not to take?

– light, airy clothing, flip-flops, sunglasses, shoes for entering the ocean, headgear

– swimwear, creams with a strong filter (SPF50)

There is no need to take:

– shampoos, bath lotion, body lotion

– bath and beach towels

– power adapters

– in hotels there are universal plugs

Purchase of alcohol and alcohol in Zanzibar

Alcohol stores are rare in Zanzibar.

There are two or three places in Paje near the PiliPili facilities that have such an assortment.

You can also buy alcohol in Stone Town.

Alcohol should not be consumed anywhere except in eateries.

Vaccinations and healthcare

There are no diseases requiring vaccination in Zanzibar. Malaria does not occur on the island, so there is no need for prophylactic dosing of anti-malaria drugs. The only vaccination currently required is yellow fever vaccination, which is required if we fly through high-risk countries (Kenya, Ethiopia) and if the stay in their area will be longer than the usual 4 hours. If you stay in the above-mentioned countries are associated only with a transfer, we do not leave the airport, there is no need to vaccinate.

Healthcare in Zanzibar is available if a medical situation requires a visit to a doctor near PiliPili hotels. Local doctors privately take care of basic painkillers, antipyretics and antibiotics. There is also a pharmacy in Paje.

We recommend that you purchase additional travel medical insurance that covers all medical expenses if necessary. The nearest hospital is located in Makanduchi. For more serious illnesses, patients are transferred to Stone Town or the mainland to Dar es Salaam.


Swahili and English are spoken in Zanzibar. English is widely spoken in hotels and tourist attractions.


Transfer to the hotel

We provide airport pick-up for our guest – 40 USD per car.

Transfer from the airport takes approximately 80 minutes and is dependent on location and current road conditions.

Pogoda Zanzibar °C

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