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See what impression the stay at Pili Pili made on the guests

It was great

It was my time, it was great, now I only regret that I waited so long, I persuade everyone to leave (...) I collect points for the next paradise - this time I think Garden.

Grzegorz from Wrocław

In superlatives

After two stays and before two more, I can only say superlatives (with delicious coffee 😁) about what delighted me in PiliPili, Jambiani or Zanzibar 🥰

Iwona from Nowy Wiśnicz

We survived the massacre

We have been in PiliPili hotels for almost a month. Unfortunately, we survived the massacre! The day of departure was a massacre! 😭🥺 Besides: service, employees, food, drink and all the rest AWESOME !!!

Darek from Görlitz

Everything is perfect

I like everything very much! And most importantly, all the guests, the community we create, evening parties, food, nature, ocean, monkeys, fish ... Everything is perfect, it is divine, it is wonderful, I miss it already ...

Mira from Sweden

PiliPili connects people

I've been twice, I'll be the third time 🥰 and I'm already thinking about the fourth 🤣 (...) Never in many years of traveling with a travel agency to various beautiful places, I have never met so many wonderful people. This magic that will "work" made us all come to Anna of Zanzibar and we will be there only because there are so many of us. PiliPili connects people, and this is probably what we need the most right now.

Agnieszka from Opole


I will briefly say MAGIC. This island attracts like a magnet. I don't know how, but it makes me think about this place all the time.

Maciej from Zalesie Górne

It comes back like a family

Because I am happy there and so calm, because I come back to my family with preserves, galoshes, gifts, because you miss this place and people smiling, with positive energy (...) I love this place 😊

Renata from Kłodzko

Unlike anywhere else

It cannot be described, you just have to experience it. Wildness and magic of this place, totally different than in Europe, different than everywhere else. Lack rush, omnipresent cordiality, sincere smile, climate, clouds, goats, donkey, crab, the taste of juicy fruit, exceptionally tasty rice, coconut water, rose petals on a littered bed, the smell of the ocean, joyful and smiling children.

Marta from Gdańsk

Relaxed and smiling

People I like the most about PiliPila! 🥰 It was thanks to them that I could feel relaxed, taken care and smiling!

Aneta from Warsaw

Smile everywhere

Everything plus people, atmosphere, food, drinks, juices and fruit. Smile everywhere. There are no disadvantages, probably only that we are already in Poland, and one would like to be at Zanzi in PiliPili.

Jolanta from Łazy

We're flying with the kids again

We were and we are going with the children again. The biggest plus is the educational value, that is, presenting Africa to Poles at an affordable price (...) I do not see minuses, although I try - as a Pole can most - notice them.

Bartek from Poznań

You ask about it

Find the answers to the most important questions about your vacation in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar weather, when to go to Zanzibar?

The weather in Zanzibar is very stable and therefore Zanzibar can be visited all year round. The air temperature ranges from 27 to 32 degrees. Water temperature from 26 to 32 degrees. The only period that may cause us inconvenience is from April 15th to May 15th. This is the rainy season. It may rain during this period. Sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, sometimes not at all. The last two years show that the rainy season is less and less rainy. It was raining for a few days and that was all that was left of the rain. During the rest of the day, plenty of sunshine awaits you on the island. Even at night, the temperature does not drop below 25 degrees, so there is no need to take warm clothes with long sleeves.

There are no hurricane seasons, nor any other regular weather hazards.


The Zanzibar visa has a validity of 90 days and can be purchased at the airport when entering the airport. The entire procedure takes a few minutes and is completely stress-free. It is enough to write out the form provided by the airline crews or available immediately after arrival at the airport and come to the window in the arrivals hall with a passport valid for at least 6 months.

The cost of the visa is $ 50 per person. The payment is possible in cash and by credit cards.

Pandemic restrictions

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, entry to Zanzibar is possible after presenting a negative PCR test and completing the online form and receiving an individual QR code. PiliPili refunds its guests 25 pili points upon presentation of the confirmation of the test performed in Poland.

The above-mentioned online form must also be completed when entering Zanzibar, up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Completing the form is obligatory for each passenger.

Due to the frequent changes in the regulations regarding documents entitling to enter Zanzibar, we recommend that you follow official communications immediately before your arrival.

Zanzibar with a child

Children of all ages are welcome on the island. There are no contraindications for a visit to Zanzibar for the youngest.

In PiliPili’s offer, children will find a number of organized activities, professional animator care and an additionally paid nanny offer. Hotels are prepared to welcome children and equipped with cots, restaurants offer dishes for children and highchairs to help children eat meals.

Disposable diapers and baby care products can be purchased in nearby stores.

Currency, ATMs, card payments

In Zanzibar, the currency is Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) 1 USD (US dollar) = approx. 2,200 (TZS). The currency can be exchanged at exchange offices, banks and selected stores. You can pay with dollars in most tourist places by. similar conversion factor.

Important: it is very difficult or even impossible to exchange US dollars produced before 2009.

You can easily withdraw funds from an ATM. ATMs are located in the capital and in popular tourist cities. They withdraw cash in Tanzanian shillings. A fixed commission of 10,000 to 20,000 TZS is charged on withdrawals depending on the banking operator.

The ATMs at the roundabout and gas stations in Paje are closest to the PiliPili facilities.

Card payments are not possible at stalls, markets and smaller shops. Larger facilities, hotels and selected attractions allow payment by card with an additional commission (approx. 5%).

In PiliPili facilities, payments are possible in cash, by card and PiliPili points purchased on preferential terms. More about it on pilipili.pl/pili-discounts.

Internet in PiliPili hotels and on the island

All hotels have public WIFI and access to high-speed satellite Internet. You can easily use e-mail, social media or communication platforms such as Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Internet coverage is common on the island, access can be obtained by renting a portable router at the reception (50 USD refundable deposit) or by purchasing a local SIM card from one of the operators (eg Zantel).

What to bring to Zanzibar? What not to take?

– light, airy clothing, flip-flops, sunglasses, shoes for entering the ocean, headgear
– swimwear, creams with a strong filter (SPF50)

There is no need to take:

– shampoos, bath lotion, body lotion

– bath and beach towels

– power adapters

– in hotels there are universal plugs

Purchase of alcohol and alcohol in Zanzibar

Alcohol stores are rare in Zanzibar.

There are two or three places in Paje near the PiliPili facilities that have such an assortment.

You can also buy alcohol in Stone Town.

Alcohol should not be consumed anywhere except in eateries.

Gifts for the local community

If you want to provide gifts to the local community, financial or material support for schools or other educational institutions, we recommend contacting the PiliPili Pomagam Foundation, which has a list of the most important needs and has established relationships with families and institutions in need.

We advise against handing out gifts, sweets or school supplies on your own on the beach and in the village. Such activities encourage the population to beg and are not welcomed by families or local authorities.

PiliPili helps the Jambiani community in a coordinated manner within the PiliPili Pomagam Foundation and thanks to the collected funds it supports a number of initiatives agreed with the authorities.

Vaccinations and healthcare

There are no diseases requiring vaccination in Zanzibar. Malaria does not occur on the island, so there is no need for prophylactic dosing of anti-malaria drugs. The only vaccination currently required is yellow fever vaccination, which is required if we fly through high-risk countries (Kenya, Ethiopia) and if the stay in their area will be longer than the usual 4 hours. If you stay in the above-mentioned countries are associated only with a transfer, we do not leave the airport, there is no need to vaccinate.

Healthcare in Zanzibar is available if a medical situation requires a visit to a doctor near PiliPili hotels. Local doctors privately take care of basic painkillers, antipyretics and antibiotics. There is also a pharmacy in Paje.

We recommend that you purchase additional travel medical insurance that covers all medical expenses if necessary. The nearest hospital is located in Makanduchi. For more serious illnesses, patients are transferred to Stone Town or the mainland to Dar es Salaam.


Swahili and English are spoken in Zanzibar. English is widely spoken in hotels and tourist attractions.

There is no need to use Swahili or English at PiliPili facilities.

The menu and all necessary information are provided to guests in Polish.

Time difference

The time difference with Poland is one hour ahead in summer time periods and two hours in winter time periods.

Transfer to the hotel

We provide free airport pick-up to all guests flying PiliPili Fly. On arrival at the airport, minibuses will take guests to individual hotels.

Transfer from the airport takes approximately 60 minutes and is dependent on location and current road conditions. Guests traveling with other airlines can take advantage of the paid transfer organized by PiliPili.

Holidays in Zanzibar

Now available direct flights from Poland to Zanzibar greatly facilitate reaching this paradise island and holidays in Zanzibar .. Exoticism is a good alternative for popular destinations such as Spain, Italy or Greece. It is also something new and fresh compared to destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam.


You can contact us in various ways as convenient for you.

The availability of our facilities changes frequently. In order to obtain an offer and make a reservation, please contact the reservation department, specifying your preferred date of arrival and the number of people. If you already have an object selected – ask about it specifically. If not – we will suggest something that you will surely like.

In all other matters not related to reservations, contact us by writing to

booking@pilipilizanzibar.comwe will provide information to people responsible for a given area.

WhatsApp no : +255 776 308 251

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