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In PiliPili Club we combine business with pleasure


Pleasant 5%
Club members get 5% bonus for every purchase made with PiliPay

Pleasant 2.5%
We multiply the PiliCoins in each Club member’s account by 2.5% per quarter

By joining our club you support PiliPili Pomagam. The one-time membership fee of 50 PiliCoins is entirely donated to the foundation’s charitable local initiatives

Sign up today and enjoy exclusive benefits available only to Club Members!

– In our offers we mark with the coconut icon bonuses, promotions and attractions dedicated only to our Club members.
– As a PiliPili Club member you can co-create our radio. We give the air time to our club members and we are waiting for proposals of holiday hits.
– One of our pillars are club meetings in different cities in Poland. Good fun and community integration, also outside Zanzibar.
– We provide our club members with a column in Travel Buddy monthly magazine. Share with our readers a story or a photo from your stay!
– Special offers for Club Members will be sent via email before they appear on PiliPili Zanzibar’s Facebook profile. Early access to promotions!

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Sign up today by submitting the completed form and paying the membership fee of 50 PiliCoins.



How to become a PiliPili Club member?

1. create an account in the PiliPay system, and if you have one – skip this step

2. fill in the program membership form and send it signed to pilipay@pilipili.pl. File to download here.

3. pay the membership fee of 50 PiliCoins to your PiliPay account

4. use all the privileges of the Club!

The regulations of the PiliPili Club are available on the website here

Do you have any questions?
Our consultants will answer them all.

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You can contact us in various ways as convenient for you.

The availability of our properties changes frequently. To obtain an offer and make a reservation, please contact the reservation department, specifying your preferred date of arrival and the number of guests. If you already have a property selected, ask about it. If not, we will suggest something that you will surely like.

For all other matters not related to reservations, contact us by writing to hello@pilipilizanzibar.com. We will pass the information on to people responsible for the specific area.

Polish: rezerwacja@pilipilizanzibar.com / tel. +48 792 211 122
Other languages: booking@pilipilizanzibar.com

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