For everyone who wants to hear a story about life on Zanzibar.
Who wants to know the history of the island, discover its riches, commune with culture and customs of local people.
We offer guided tours in Polish (TOP 5) and English (most of the others).
Prices of each tour are given for a minimum group of 4 people.

All Polish-language tours can be paid for with Pili Points.
Other tours are payable in cash or by card, and for some 100% prepayment applies.

Recommended TOP 5

Full-day tours with local guides who speak Polish.
A variety of themes and geographical range. Deciding on all of them, we will visit Zanzibar comprehensively!

3 in 1 🇵🇱 (highly recommended)

First time in Zanzibar? The 3-in-1 tour takes you to places you can’t miss when visiting the island. A little bit of nature, and a little bit of culture and history. In one word – something for everyone!

– Spice Farm, where cardamom, nutmeg and tropical fruits are grown

– Prison Island – former prison, now a turtle sanctuary

– Stone Town – the old town from the UNESCO World Heritage List (Darajani market, House of Wonders, night market, Arabian fort, Freddie Mercury’s house – from the outside, free time to buy souvenirs)

TIME: approx. 9-10 hours // PRICE: 109 USD/person, children 6-15 years old: 65 USD/person, 0-5 years: FREE

PLEASE NOTE: lunch included, wet boat entry (not recommended for people with movement difficulties)


Let’s explore the far north of Zanzibar! Many water activities are waiting for us there – great coral reef and turtles to swim with. We will return to the hotel late, after a picturesque sunset in Kendwa. 

 – snorkelling near Mnemba, known as Bill Gates Island

– Depending on the tides, a visit to a sandbank (a sandy island).

– Natural aquarium with sea turtles (possibility of swimming and feeding)

– sunset on the beach at Kendwa (return to the hotel around 21:00)

TIME: approx. 10-11 hrs // PRICE: 109 USD/person, children 6-15 years: USD 65/person, 0-5 years: USD 35/person. 

PLEASE NOTE: seafood lunch included, wet boat entry (not recommended for those with mobility difficulties)


Everybody on the water! Safari Blue is a trip for sea (or rather ocean) wolves. Most of the day will be spent on a traditional dhow boat, and the lazy cruise will be enhanced by numerous activities. 

– cruise on Menai Bay (south-western Zanzibar)

– relax on a sandbank (a sand island) + snorkelling

– picturesque bay of mangrove forests

– Kwale Island with the oldest baobab tree on Zanzibar

TIME: approx. 7-8 hours // PRICE: 109 USD/person, children 6-15 years old: 65 USD/person, 0-5 years: FREE

PLEASE NOTE: seafood lunch included, wet boat climb (not recommended for people with movement difficulties)


The magic of Zanzibar is created by the people and nature. Part of this tour is both! We’ll say hello to monkeys in the tropical Jozani forest, and local women will explain how to make cosmetics from water algae. 

– Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park – gerezan monkeys, mahogany trees and mangroves

– photogenic restaurant The Rock, located on a rock

– aquatic algae farm and cosmetics manufacturing center

– the beach in Paje, the capital of kite surfing

TIME: approx. 7 hours // PRICE: 109 USD/person, children 6-15 years: USD 65/person, 0-5 years: 35 USD/person. 

PLEASE NOTE: lunch included 


A set of tours for people who can’t sit still.
They will give you a look at Zanzibar from different perspectives – from quad bike, to kayak, to bike saddles.


Chukwani is a bay near Stone Town that is overgrown with numerous mangroves. Stand up paddle boarding will take you through their maze on SUPs. Practice your balance! 

– 2 hour ocean SUP tour with training

– The course takes you through the dense mangrove forest of Chukwani Bay

– For all levels of experience

TIME: approx. 5-6 hours // PRICE: 60 USD/person, children under 12 years: USD 50/person. 

PLEASE NOTE: fruit snack included; start time subject to tides, tour will take place when there is a minimum of 4 people, maximum of 6


What are the secrets of the reef around Jambiani? We’ll find out during a short cruise in the surrounding shallows. 

– Cruise on a traditional ngalawa boat with Kongwa, a local fisherman, or one of his helpers

– snorkelling in the shallows with lots of starfish and sea urchins

TIME: approx. 2-3 hrs // PRICE: 20 USD/person, children under 12 years: 10 USD/person. 

ATTENTION: starting time depends on tides, wet entry to the boat (not recommended for people with movement difficulties)


The underwater world near Mnemba abounds with a vibrant coral reef. With a mask and snorkel, you can even spend a few hours here!

– Motor boat cruise around Mnemba, known as Bill Gates Island

– the best reef off the close coast of Zanzibar, with a bit of luck we will see dolphins

TIME: about 5-6 hours // PRICE: 60 USD/person, children up to 12 years old: 30 USD/person.

PLEASE NOTE: Mnemba is also a part of the Seafood Safari tour, a wet boat ride (not recommended for people with movement difficulties)


If fat fish, it’s only in Zanzibar! This hobby fishing trip starts before dawn when there is the best bite. 

– Trip on a motor boat to the open ocean near Kizimkazi

– Catching bigger fish such as tuna or barracuda

– you can take your catch and prepare it in the hotel

TIME: about 4-5 hours // PRICE: 55 USD/person. 

PLEASE NOTE: wet entry to the boat (not recommended for persons with movement difficulties), at any time the tour may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions


In an original way we want to show you a different side of Zanzibar, far from mass tourism. A trip on quads is not only riding, we will show you non-tourist corners of the island. A visit to a local village and communing with untouched African nature far from civilisation is a guarantee of unforgettable experience. The trip includes numerous stops, during which you can take photos.

A trip for adults and children.

TIME: approx. 4 hours // PRICE: 120 USD/person. (payment only in cash)

morning 8:30am – 12:30pm, afternoon: 14:30-18:30

RECOMMENDATIONS: Sports shoes or sandals (not flip-flops), sunglasses, handkerchief or scarf to cover face from dust, sunscreen, appropriate clothing due to respect of local people, only tiny luggage.

The Quad Tour is an attraction that will enrich your holiday memories. Don’t deny yourself this experience.

Kultura / Przyroda

Conscious travel means interacting with local customs and environment.
This is exactly what tours in this category provide. We will finish them richer in memorable experiences!


On a cultural excursion to the villages of Makunduchi and Mtende, we will learn what places are important to the communities of southern Zanzibar. If we want to get away from the hotel for a few hours, this is the perfect option! 

– making traditional ngalawa boats and ropes from coconuts

– Lighthouse in Makunduchi, with a beautiful view on the coast

– Visit to a local witch doctor

– visit to a secret beach in Mtende, among coral rocks

TIME: approx. 4 hours // PRICE: 40 USD/person, children under 12: USD 20/person.


A sandy island in the Indian Ocean for exclusive use? A substitute for such an experience is a private cruise on Sandbank. This piece of land disappears as soon as the tide comes in, so hurry up and get on the boat! 

– intimate cruise on a speedboat to Sandbank, a sandy shoal off the coast of Zanzibar

– snorkelling, time for relax and a real seafood feast

– mangrove forests inhabited by monkeys, which overgrow the surrounding islets

TIME: approx. 8 hours // PRICE: 90 USD/person

PLEASE NOTE: seafood lunch included, wet boat embarkation (not recommended for people with movement difficulties), at any time the tour may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions


Swimming with dolphins? Why not! Such things are possible early in the morning near the fishing village of Kizimkazi. 

– Watching dolphins in their natural environment from a speedboat (departure at dawn – 5:00-6:00)

– morning fish market on the beach in Kizimkazi, auction of catches

TIME: approx. 4 hours // PRICE: 35 USD/person. 

PLEASE NOTE: wet entry to the boat (not recommended for people with movement difficulties), at any time the tour may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions


Amidst the dry shrubs and rocks, away from the hustle and bustle of Jambiani beach, awaits Justin’s cave – a cure for the African heat! 

– A walk or (at an extra cost) a cab to a secret cave, full of cool, refreshing water

– zanzibar bush, palm houses and local rastafarians

TIME: approx. 2 hrs // PRICE: 20 USD/person, children under 12: US$10/person.

PLEASE NOTE: the cave is also a part of the Pole Life tour, steep descent to the cave (not recommended for people with movement difficulties)


It’s time for a real African meal! Tamasha knows the local dishes inside out and is happy to share her recipes.

– Zanzibar cooking workshop with a native of Jambiani

– joint shopping, cooking and meal at Tamasha’s house

TIME: approx. 2-3 hours // PRICE: 35 USD/person. 


Perfect vacation photos? You don’t need expensive equipment or years of practice to do it. All you need is a willingness to learn and a few clever tricks to discover on a photo walk around the neighborhood.

– Photo walk through the backstreets of Jambiani, Paje or Stone Town, the charms of sunrise or sunset, contact with local people and nature.

– workshops with Slawek Drapinski, a photographer living on Zanzibar (see  Instagram profile).

– Practical classes on the basics of photography: how to spot worthy details, what is a good frame, how to photograph people and use natural light?

TIME: approx. 4-5 hours // PRICE: 100 USD/person.

Safari / Premium

Tours from this category are dedicated to thrill-seekers, as well as to people returning to Zanzibar, who want to see something more, beyond the biggest attractions of the island. In their case 100% prepayment is obligatory.


Migrations of wild animals and savannah stretching to the horizon – these are some of the many associations inherent in Africa. The Selous Reserve is a place where these images take real form. And to think that it is only 50 minutes flight from Zanzibar! 

– Full day safari in the Selous Reserve, the biggest protected area in Tanzania (50 thousand km2)

– 12-passenger flight in a chartered plane and 5-6 hour ride in a jeep through savannah, under the care of a trained ranger

– giraffes, zebras, elephants, lions, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles and other wild animals in natural environment

TIME: about 14 hours // PRICE: 499 USD/person.

PLEASE NOTE: the price includes – airport transfers, two charter flights Zanzibar – Selous – Zanzibar, jeep safari in Selous reserve, lunch in a form of a lunch box, soft drinks, ranger’s assistance in English. What to take: passport, sunscreen, headgear, mosquito repellent, comfortable shoes, thin long sleeve or raincoat

TIME SCHEDULEl (exact times to be confirmed the day before departure): 5:30 – departure for Stone Town airport; 7:30-8:30 – flight to Selous; 9:00-15:30 – jeep safari in the reserve; 16:00-17:00 – flight to Stone Town; 19:00 – return to the hotel

Limited places available – please book via e-mail!

Read more about our Safari offer…


The blue of the ocean around Chumbe is surprising. The water is crystal clear and the coral reef the richest off the coast of Zanzibar. It’s hardly surprising that hundreds of crabs have found refuge here! 

– A strict nature reserve with eco-bungalows, in a place of a former military base

– the best coral reef in the Zanzibar area – world class snorkeling

– delicious lunch, time to relax, walk in the forest and a lighthouse from colonial times

TIME: approx. 10-11 hrs // PRICE: 120 USD/person.

PLEASE NOTE: lunch and soft drinks included, wet boat entry (not recommended for those with mobility difficulties)

Limited places available – please book by email

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PAYMENTS: with vouchers or Pili Points you can pay for all Polish tours (TOP 5): 3 in 1, Seafood Safari, Safari Blue, Zanzi Magic and Pole Life. All other tours are payable by cash or card, and for tours in the PREMIUM category there is a 100% prepayment.

ORDERS: every day until 15:00; leave order form at the hotel reception or with the manager

CANCELLATIONS: free cancellation of tours is possible up to 24 hours before the tour starts; after that a cancellation fee of 20 USD/person will be charged. (does not apply to health problems); when cancelling the Selous Safari the full cost of the air ticket is charged

WHAT TO TAKE: unless otherwise stated – comfortable shoes, UV cream, hat, sunglasses; for “water” excursions: water shoes, towel, change of clothes, snorkel mask (if the plan includes this activity)



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