PiliPili Orient Beach Resort

Investment apartments 

This will be PiliPili’s 17th property, the second condominium type with the option for outside investors to purchase.

Zanzibar has a very complex history that many countries have worked for and left a piece of themselves here. We have particles of Portugal, Oman, Persia, Arabia, Britain, as well as Italians, Germans, Dutch who have been present for many years and who are the builders of Zanzibar’s history, culture and culinary. Such a rich history influences what Zanzibar is today, and overlaps with Zanzibar’s Afrikaner roots to form the foundation of this wonderful home. Zanzibar is all about people who do not accept isolation, they are fans of integration, eating together, spending time together.

Cultural melting pot

While developing the concept of PiliPili Orient Beach Resort we took into account the diversity of cultures, and thus the architecture, where Persian influences mix with African and intertwine with European ones. In short: the best the world has to offer – you will find it in Zanzibar.

The heart of the island is Stone Town with its beautiful, famous Zanzibar doors and elements of architecture from many countries which create a wonderful architectural eclecticism.

It will be the same in our new facility. Beauty and architecture with solutions from all over the world, but with an oriental touch.

Information about the investment

PiliPili Orient Beach Resort is located in Bwejuu. It is 104 apartments and 4 villas, some of which have a guaranteed ocean view. Half of them (those on the first floor) have their own private pools. Each resident can also use the common area pool, by the ocean, adjacent to the beach bar.

The apartments are about 100 square meters, consisting of two bedrooms, a living room with kitchen and more than 26 meters of terrace. Apartments on the first floor have swimming pools of 32 square meters. Each apartment is fully equipped and can easily fulfill domestic roles such as cooking. All apartments are air-conditioned and each room has the possibility of individual temperature setting.

The area of the whole complex is about 3 hectares and it will be built in:

– 104investment apartments and 4 villas

– a large communal pool by the ocean,

– bars and food zone

– store,

– 24 hour reception,

– space for group activities (yoga, dance classes, etc.)


TYPE A – 56 apartments on the first floor – size of the apartment 100m2, consists of a large living room with kitchenette of 40m2, 2 independent rooms 24m2 with bathrooms 6m2, additionally the apartment has a private terrace of 26,5m2 and a large private swimming pool.

TYPE B – 48 apartments on the 1st floor – size of the apartment 100m2, consists of a large living room with kitchenette with the size of 40m2, 2 independent rooms 24m2 with bathrooms 6m2, in addition to the apartment includes a private terrace of 26,5m2

Row 1  A – 270 000 USD

Row 2  A – 260 000 USD or B – 240 000 USD

Row 3  A – 250 000 USD or B – 230 000 USD

Row 4  A – 230 000 USD or B – 220 000 USD

Row 5  A – 210 000 USD or B – 200 000 USD

Row 6  A – 210 000 USD or B – 200 000 USD

Row 7  A – 200 000 USD or B – 190 000 USD

Row 8  villas – 370 000 USD

When buying 2 or more apartments we will offer a discount. We also offer a commission for the referred customer.

Guaranteed ocean view

Row 1-3 – all apartments

Row 4-7 – apartments on the 1st floor from the roof top

Villas – from the roof top


Purchase conditions: Preliminary agreement signed in the Office in Gdansk, in the place indicated by the client or by email. Then a down payment of 40% of the apartment value. The remaining amount will be paid upon the handover agreement of the apartment, i.e. after the construction has been completed.

Finishing the construction

Row 1 by 28.02.2022.

Row 2 by 31.03.2022.

Row 3 by 30.04.2022.

Row 4 by 31.05.2022.

Row 5 until 30.06.2022.

Row 6 by 31.07.2022.

Row 7 by 31.08.2022.

Villas by 30.09.2022.

* It is possible to finish the construction faster, a “back-up” option is adopted, we will report the progress 30 days before the completion of each row.

Monthly fees for the home owner

Along with the purchase of the apartment is the signing of the lease agreement for PiliPili Hotels and Fly LTD Company as the operator of the PiliPili Zanzibar network The buyer buys the apartment and rents it for 10 years (necessary condition). The monthly rent is fixed for the whole rental period and equals 1/96th of the purchase price of the villa per month, i.e. if the apartment costs $250 000 we divide this amount by 96 months (return on investment of about 12.5% per year) = the result gives us the monthly rent i.e. $2605 per month. The rent is fixed unchangeable for the whole lease period.



Vacation for home and villa owners.

The owner can use their property free of charge for 21 days per year. If the apartment owner does not use the stay in a given calendar year, the investor will receive additional rent from the PiliPili Hotels and Fly LTD Company firm. For a given calendar year, an additional rent of approximately $200 per night will be charged to the actual homeowner. If additional rent is received, the rate of return on investment increases dramatically. In such a situation we would receive rent for about 14-15 months in a year instead of 12 and the return on investment is even in the middle of the 6th year from the purchase. During the whole time of renting PiliPili Zanzibar covers all costs connected with the house i.e. repairs, insurance, licenses, permits etc.

After the lease period (10 years), if the owner does not wish to extend the lease, he/she receives the apartment in the same condition as on the day of purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact us

+48 570 660 670




Investment risk
The Investor bears all the market risks connected with operation of the facilities constituting the income of the Company ZABWAS INVEST OSAUHING and intended for payment of rents. Despite the fact that the amount of payments to be made to Investors is not actually dependent on the income obtained by the Company, the Investor bears the risk of possible – although not probable – occurrence of situations connected with violation of the Company’s permanent financial liquidity. The Investor’s rights arising from the ownership of shares are regulated by the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code and the Company’s Articles of Association. Any activities related to the management of the Company are performed by the Company’s Management Board appointed for this purpose – a Shareholder who is not a member of the Company’s Management Board is not authorised to make decisions regarding the manner of management of the facility and the Company itself. The Company makes every effort to secure Investors. The Company’s business allows it to obtain the funds necessary to pay its investors when the hotel occupancy rate is as low as 20% per month. Additionally, each investor shall have the right to resell his shares in the company in accordance with provisions of individual investment agreements. The investor may resell the shares to the shareholder, ZABWAS INVEST OSAUHING, at the nominal price for which the shares were acquired. The right to resell the shares is exercised by a statement submitted to the Shareholder in writing, otherwise being null and void. The Investor may exercise the resale right at any time provided that it holds shares in the Company and provided that the shares to be resold are not pledged, usufructuary, assigned or otherwise encumbered. The shareholder of ZABWAS INVEST OSAUHING, in the case of a correct submission of a declaration on the exercise of the resale right by the Investor, is obliged to purchase the shares at the nominal price for which the shares were previously purchased within 6 months of the submission of the declaration.


You can contact us in various ways as convenient for you.

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In all other matters not related to reservations, contact us by writing to hello@pilipilizanzibar.comwe will provide information to people responsible for a given area.

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