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Mission of the Foundation

The main goal of the PiliPili Foundation is to help by strengthening Zanzibar communities as a whole. Our mission is to develop communities by leveraging the island’s tourism appeal and local cultural heritage.

The areas in which the Foundation supports Zanzibarians can be divided into five areas:






Health Care Area

Our overarching goal is to promote the well-being and health of the community:

– access to safe drinking water (Water for Jambiani Project – construction of a reservoir for 250,000 liters of water)

– improvement of primary health care, among others by providing necessary equipment and medicines

– Health education through the organization of trainings and workshops on pregnancy, nutrition, and hygiene

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Education area

Within the framework of activities in the field of education :

– we equalize opportunities for children (especially from educationally neglected environments)

– we support the potential of the most talented youth

– we organize educational trips on ecological themes

– we organize thematic workshops, according to the needs of the community

– through training we improve the qualifications of local teachers

– we teach Polish language to willing youth and adults with emphasis on the area of tourism and gastronomy

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Environmental Area

Here the mission is to promote environmental sustainability by:

– building awareness of current issues among the community

– recycling education (providing equipment for waste segregation)

– Organizing beach and village clean-up groups

– Supporting coral reef conservation

– community tree planting campaigns

– All activities supporting a cleaner Zanzibar

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Socio-economic area

Our main goal is to educate people to improve their quality of life and increase their income.

We realize it mainly by conducting trainings and promoting new skills (e.g. Sewing Dada Project).

We support and teach entrepreneurship, creating new development opportunities for local people.

We also improve the social situation of orphans, widows, disabled and handicapped people.

We meet the most urgent needs and provide opportunities for education and competence development.

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Sports development area

We want to support the development of local talents who can be pride and role models for the community.

This is an important part of the education of children and youth, which can give them a better future as professional athletes.

We want to achieve the goal by:

– providing the local community with training opportunities and sports infrastructure for everyday use

– supporting the construction of a new football stadium with artificial turf

– cooperating with the Zanzibar Football Federation (ZFF) by supporting the Zanzibar Heroes league and national team

– providing necessary equipment and assistance in training football players

– inviting sports stars from Poland to the island, including Olympic Games and World Championships medalists

The stadium and training center will serve not only the children but also the Dulla Boys team, which we support and want to help it win promotion to the Zanzibar Premier League.

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